Our 300-year-old fireplace

The original owner of the mansion, John Holmes Reid, had this fireplace imported from Italy. At the time, it was approximately 170 years old and due to its age had to be shipped over to Australia in one piece. This fireplace now resides in the formal


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Take a tour of our mansion

The staff at Stannum House are always ready to give you a comprehensive tour of our beloved mansion. Please, if you are truly interested, request a tour at reception. Our goal is to share the rich history bestowed within the walls of Stannum House, and without your curiosity, this isn't possible.

The historic piano

Our historic piano – the soul of the dining room - used to belong to the German royal family and was brought to Stannum when a museum in Germany sold up and all its antiques were auctioned off. Strauss, the famous German composer and conductor, was a

Tea sets aged over a 100 years old

You will find a blue tea set carefully placed next to the window of our dining room. This was a part of the original house and was bought back by the Reid family not too long ago. It is eggshell china, so if you hold it up to the light you can see

Antique furniture from the time

The sideboard found in the formal dining room is part of the original house and was built by John Holmes Reid’s brother with local red cedar wood. It previously sat in the children’s dining room, which is now called the Blue Room and is open for

Our royal carpet

The carpet that occupies the formal dining room was originally found within the walls of the Buckingham palace. It was sold when a fire incident damaged a part of it. Consequently, it was bought in an auction, restored to its current condition, and

Our very own Georgian suite

Stannum proudly houses a Georgian suite – the only one in Australia of its kind. You’ll see a lot of half suites around the world, but a double sided suite is a sight to truly treasure. It ages at around 200 years. Designed for the hoop skirts worn

Spiral staircase

Our iconic spiral staircase was created by Irish carpenters. However, John Reid (in typical Reid fashion) was adamant that the spiral staircase was to be built with Australian red cedar. Hence, local Tenterfield timber was sent to Ireland.

Beautiful Rosettes

Stannum House boasts unbelievably detailed Rosette’s throughout the house. Each room contains a uniquely decorated Rosette, hand painted and restored to its original glory. Similar to every part of the house, the Rosette displayed has a story.  The

The history of our restuarant

CThe area that is the restaurant now actually used to be an open courtyard with granite flooring. When the house was first built, the back wall didn’t exist. It was an open covered